ZANIA Factory

ZANIA FACTORY originated in 1973 when carpenter Pere Perez established a small workshop in Navàs with 3 workers, which gradually became a firm employing 42 workers equipped with up-to-date technology.

At the central facility in Navàs the entire process of manufacture and distribution supplies ZANIA CONTRACT and ZANIA DESIGN as well as other client firms. Specialized in wood, corian, steel and aluminum, the factory makes every product to ensure that our team of designers and life-long craftspeople can deliver maximum quality and unique design to satisfy the most discriminating consumer.

In accord with our company philosophy we prefer not to rely on a network of distributors, but have our own showroom in Manresa, 25km from the factory, where we display some of ZANIA’s latest designs. This is how we can guarantee to please the customer with preferential treatment because we are able to supervise all phases of a project to the final fitting. 


A. Maristany s/n - 08670 NAVÀS (Barcelona) - T. (+34) 93 839 07 60